Why is Tracking Important

Why is tracking important for online shoppers?

For the customer, tracking the order is as important as buying. Wanting to know where your order is located is one of the anxieties of those who buy online and to solve this in a simple and complete way the logistics platforms can help. Your Order makes it possible to track the order cycle process from end to end (order tracking).

Information is the keyword for a good relationship between your company and your customer. Being well informed about each step of each order process is relevant for both the company and the customer. From registration, through payment to delivery.

With your Order, customers can follow the process of the fulfillment cycle of an order through different channels of access to information, such as through the website or application or notifications via email, SMS, Facebook chatbot. There is no mistake, several means to please the customer who wants to be well informed about his purchase.

Check out benefits of order tracking through your Order:

  • Greater transparency of your order cycle fulfillment process
  • Better positive customer experience generating loyalty
  • Control of order status and monitoring compliance with shipping deadlines
  • Allows you to identify possible flaws in your company’s logistics
  • Real-time information allows the adoption of a proactive stance in the event of any non-conformity
  • Reduces access to the SAC after order tracking information
  • Multiple access channels with order information such as web portal, email, SMS, APP, Facebook chat bot
  • Integrate via API, EDI, FTP, among other steps of the company’s internal process and events for the transportation of logistics partners
  • Security for those who sell and who buy

The tracking of goods is a relevant factor, which adds competitiveness to the company. And when this process takes place efficiently, businesses stand out from the competition and a quality service is offered to customers, who can check order status in real time.