Online Tracking

How do websites track your every step on the internet? As you read the words that begin this text, you are probably being tracked. And if you give up or go to the end, and go ahead to see what's going on in your favorite social network, you will also be being monitored. And here, we are not even talking...

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Why is Tracking Important

Why is tracking important for online shoppers? For the customer,...


How to Locate a Person by Email

How to locate a person by email The users' IP...


Digital Contact Tracking

Digital contact tracking: advantages and disadvantages Governments around the world continue to face the crisis that is getting worse and are developing plans to manage the pandemic, with many of them considering the benefits of digital surveillance networks. With the advent of 5G networks and more mobile devices, digital surveillance can provide near real-time contact traceability to quickly identify and...

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The Fingerprint Of Devices

The wicked online tracking: the fingerprint of devices Consumers can delete their cookies, but not their fingerprint online. Many consumers know that cookies track activity on the internet and their use is reasonably well regulated. But online fingerprinting (also called device fingerprinting) is not so well understood. We believe that the mainstream media are greatly underestimating its importance. The fingerprint...

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